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Shitty City | Superburbia | Glamatopio
Neadle Beech | Portsyde | Rubica

Shitty City Industrial District

Hipsters & Cheap Rents

The smog-choked streets of Shitty City house Junx City's largest undergound market and Industrial center. The impoverished streets of Neadle Beech house hookers and druglords. Looking for illegal goods or rare imports? The Afterdark Market in Portsyde is your best bet. Then there's Rubica, whose cheap rents have seen an influx of students attending nearby urban university of Rubica U.

Shitty City Neighborhoods

Neadle Beech »

Hookers on Carnal Canal. Drugs from dealers in Chemical Alley. Strippers, pimps, and thats all on a good day.

Portsyde »

Portsyde is home to the underground market, selling goods fresh off the boat

Rubica »

Its twisted alleys and iron grilled gates open into obscure courtyards that house universities, museums, libraries and theatres.