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Shitty City | Superburbia | Glamatopio
Neadle Beech | Portsyde | Rubica

Portsyde Manufacturing and Imports

Hookers on Carnal Canal. Drugs from dealers in Chemical Alley. Strippers, pimps, and thats all on a good day. Portsyde is home to the underground market, selling goods fresh off the boat

Notorio's Den

Not in the mood for a real lover? Visitors to Notorio's Den enjoy his holographic, barely legal creations instead. Notorio's controversial Artificial beings leave nothing to the imagination.This holographer is an artist when it comes to pleasurable escapes. His artificially intelligent HoloPoids (tm) are sought after far and wide

The Docks

Energy production and imports at the Black Market thriving in the Portsyde Docks

underground network

Portsyde is the economic heart of Junx City's industries with the maga-sized Chemicoy at the center.



Chemical Alley

chemicoy industries

Chemicoy's cleaners sell oyt daily at Grand Caesar's Mall, where the superburbanites scoop up the septic solutions that keep their home space-station clean.