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Shitty City | Superburbia | Glamatopio
Neadle Beech | Portsyde | Rubica
neadle beech

Neadle Beech Deep Slums

The Shit Pit Bar

On the oposite end of the city from Glamatopio is Neadle Beech - it couldn't be more different. The poor, working class neighborhood is one of theoldest in Junx City, and its home to theinfamous Shit Pit bar, where the free radio J.U.N.X broadcasts nightly in defiance of Glamatopio's iron grip on the airwaves. Hosted by Feedjacking Guru Slum Ganda.


This ultra popular advetising firm specializez in reaching the streets. Masters at selling the graffiti rough to the money dripping districts of Superburbia and Glamatopio, who can't get enogh of their whitewashed street cred for sale. They keep the good stuff for the galleries and nights of Shitty City, and invite the glitterati just enough to keep them wanting more.


Dress up with local threads produced by the coalition of Shitty City






Power Plant

geogineer power plant

As a key energy production facility, Junx city hosts thousands of businesses that keep the city running and profits flowing.