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Facial and other biometric recognition factors make it hard to escape notice, so the entire body is replaced in extreme circumstances or grown new. Biopirates are the people to see for these sorts of operations.


Geogineers help terraform planets and extract energy from it, while maintaining the habitability of the surface for as long as possible. Efficient geogineers can terraform a planet and drain it of all resources within 50 years. They are also responsible for cataloguing the Deadworld status of a planet once it has been depleted of energy and rendered uninhabitable


Biogineers help transorm humanoids tissue in a variety of new forms. Sometimes to prepare humanoids for life in a hostile new atmosphere, othertimes just for show. The latest trends is incorporating animal DNA for a variety of asthetic and physical effects.


Brainwashing, deep psycho repair, identity swapping - anything to do with the brain Neurogineering can handle. Neuroginners are viewed with extreme suspicion in Junx City and with good reason - they are rarely up to any good.

dna copyright lawyer

Ever since the Yanta Beureaucracy patented the bipedal humanoid form, DNA has needed protection. A DNA lawyer can help you win the right to evolve as nature intended, without paying cultural royalties to the Yanta red tape.

Financial Psychologist

Glamtopio is filled with vivtims of the districts flashy super-culture, unable to find hapiness without dropping a load of cash on this and that. Financial psychologists help deprogram the affluent burn outs who leave the Glamatopio district for greener pastures.

DataMatter Philosopher

Where does the virtual world end and reality begin? These questions are the domain of the datamatter philosopher, essential when trying to prove innoncence when convicted of holographic crimes.


Microchip impants have become second nature for most citizens. At first they were formed of silicon and metals, todays versions are usually 'wet' - an organic compisite material placed under the skin for a variety of reasons including GPS satellite tracking for those important enough to kidnap.