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Recycled Tactipoid

This plucky robot escaped his scheduled recycling with just one screw loose, and fled the junkyards for the calm, forested and robot-friendly fields of Superburbia's Hover Park. He shares all tactipoid's ability to download literally any information wirelessly from the FEED, much to the chagrin of the BigWigs in Glamatel's Media



Cosmo Geneticist

 Cruel and Brilliant champion of xenophobia, Fiskee is one of Junx City's most secretive citizens. Operating from the Galactica Practica Observatory on the outskirts of town, this Cosmobiologist is constantly searching the heavens for signs of intelligent life to exploit.

slum ganda

Slum Ganda

Philosopher DJ

With Buddhist like zen, Slum Ganda sees through the homogenized pap sit out by his 1/2 brother Medio Ganda's Comm Empire.Slum spreads the word through Radio JUNX, and DJs in guru-like fashion at the local Shit Pit. Slum's feedjacking skills are legend; seek him out when you want to hack into the system.

restless testes

Restless Teste

Bar Owner

Teste overcame a crippling birth mutation jail time to became the owner of Rubica's hottest gay bar named after yours truly. You'd be surprised how many cute young Octipoids take a romantic interest in the crabby old sack. To bad he has his head in the books too deeply to see it.

notorio nono

Notorio Nono

Red-light Holographer

Notorio is an outsider,. opportunist, and consummate performer. ,, Notorio was cloned from rare dna samples from an offworld gene mining quest. He feels quite at home in Shitty City though, setting up a sweet holo- space that pushes the boundaries of integrity and always stirs controversy.

medio ganda

Medio Ganda

Media Magnate

The mysterious Medio Ganda grew Glamatel Inc from a cheap buyout into Planetcide's largest Media conglomerate. With an army of lawyers and his lieutenant Rev Kin at his side, Medio makes sure that the FEED broadcasts only the news he feels is fit to air.



Muscle for Hire

Due to damaged force feedback circuits, this transformable POID literally doesn't know his own strength. He makes up for it in bravery and dedication to his work. Those heading into dangerous situations may want to drop a few coins to have this guy by your side.

max cittio

Max Cittio

Club Kid

Max Cittio is in a constant state of Hyper Arousal from a genetic anomaly and constantly takes drugs to calm his nervous state. Max likes to take risks, sleeps with all 3 sexes, and considers himself a flexisexual, super-tart club star. And Thanks to 3 rich parents, he can bust out of just about any jam.

neox xeo

Neox Xeo

Military Poster Boy

Since childhood, Neox dreamed of joining the Yanta Special Forces Military. Thanks to some lightning fast reflexes he's now their prime poster boy and fund raiser. Sometimes he wonders though whether the well oiled machine he serves is rusting away into irrelevance.

More Citizens


Holographic pleasuregram created by Notorio Nono.

Solva Algo

POID stress tester - Solva goes to unique extremes to solve challenging problems.

Render Zoop

Brilliant Quantum Philosopher working in Novosapio.

Zasper Glewkyde

Yanta Energy Magnate who looks at natural resources only as commodities that can turn a profit. Zasper believes the planet should be treated as if it were a business, liquidating and converting natural resources to cash as quickly as possible. His best friend and corporate customer is RevKin at Glamatel Corp. whose energy use accounts for 1/8 the total output. Ultra rich , Zasper lobbies for laws that will protect his fortunes and those of others like himself and counts on public complacency.

Kajdi Jyngo Azi

She cant get drunk and is not affected by most genetic and chemical substances and procedures, cause unknown. Caught using implants at 10 for the natural olympics and was banned. Belives in physical discipline, and lives by her own philosophy of life. She is kind, ambitious and driven but needy and, tough to please.

Takymar Pollops

Rogue scientist, geogineer and Yanta most wanted. He is wanted throughout the solar systems of the yanta empire. Takymar usese temporal quantum anomalies to erase the evidence of his whereabouts. He has been accused of destroying the Goki Gravity well, a major power source, in the goki star cluster , and for imploding the Yanta star around which Yanta prime once stood.

Vulva Vulga

District: Shiity City

The oldest stripper in Junx City, Vulva has a long list of clients who remain loyal to her charismatic charm, soft comforts, and wizened advice.


Sasufi Yaka

District: Glamatopio

One secretary to rule them all. Telelope has fiber optic implants similar to Medio Ganda's that allow her to field hundreds of incoming calls at Glamatel Towers simultaneously. Of course, she routes most of these calls to Glamatel's notorious 'please hold - you're call is important to us' hell.


Aura Jasm

District: Superburbia

Aura's melodic voice captivates the thin crowds that pack into superburbia's various pubs and bars. A dazzler famous for her light shows but always afraid to play the larger venues in Glamatopio's Neon strips.


Cloxwork Marten

District: Superburbia

The superburbia junkyard is under the watchful eye of the simple but compassionate Cloxwork, who has been known to allow a scrapped robot or too a second chance at freedom in the POID underground.



District: Glamatopio

An oustspoken and offensive shock jock working for Glamatopio's current affairs hit show 'Butter Bitch'.



District: Superburbia

A grouchy and agressive little Bot-Class Robot



District: Superburbia

A tall and supple POID that lost her job as a pleasure-bot once Notorio Nono's holographic escorts became popular.


Amalga Moore

District: Glamatopio

Medio Ganda's second in command collates information from around the planet and delivers it to the marketing heads at Glamatel Towers.


Telelopee Aphica

District: Glamatopio

Communications Warfare and disaster management specialist, working for Medio Ganda at Glamatel Towers.


Jilly Bling

District: Glamatopio

The most indemand escort in Glamatopio, a dazzling singing star performer, and Junx city's juciest, guilty pleasure.


Yidda Yadda

District: Shiity City

Gossip columnist for a weekly tell all magazine


Amelia Choy

District: Superburbia

Former lover of JinJaz, currently the lesbian lover of Samanda, the reclusive bounty hunter.


Moe Ghoul

District: Glamatopio

The stagnate Magnate. Medio Ganda at least has vision and leadership. Moe Ghoul rules the airwaves with brute simplicity. His goal is the accumulation of power. He belongs to the Gel Ghoulians, a secret society of power buisiness leaders and geogineers who are exploting the planet.



District: Glamatopio

An exotic singer and Icy Glamourous former model whose wisecracking flirtatious nature is giving Jilly Bling a run for her money as top entertainer.


Miss Transat

District: Shiity City

Drag Queen in charge of the transit system, Transat works exhausting, thankless shifts in Rubica's greedy Galactic Hall.


Rev Kin

District: Glamatopio

"No success without excess". RevKin loves to make money by shelling out propaganda that keeps Glamatel One the number one channel in Junx City. After all, it costs money to maintain all that excess


Polisa Majorr

District: Superburbia

After Slum Ganda, Polisa is Junx City's most famous activist, giving power to the disenfranchised.



District: Shiity City

Galactic Hall's Compliance manager


Rava Andagel

Little is known about Rava, except that he played a part in the capture of the legendary rogue scientist Takymar Pollops on the distant Yanta homeworld of Yanta Prime. Takymar has since escaped and Rava is single minded in his determination to recapture him.


District: Shiity City

Pliss is a deranged and damaged very dangerous Former-class robot, haunting the streets of Shitty City.


Popopt Funko

District: Glamatopio

Exnatal clone and 35th century flexisexual pop tart superstar. popopt funko's real name is Oponko Puft.


T.P. Sopelitter

District: Shiity City

Politician full of broken promises, always scrambling to cover his ass; corporate aligned.