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Shifty Fifty Heights | Novosapio | The Glitterclit

Glamatopio Commercial District

The Glamour Elite

The drugged-fueled Neon-techno media canyons of Glamatopio are home to the elite global superculture. Glamatopio is full of sky-high canyons of glass and neon. The main export is entertainment: high impact hypno-seismic image and sound. Although a good dose can boost spirits (and pad producer pockets) too much results in apathy and brain rot. Choose wisely.

Glamatopio Neighborhoods

Shifty Fifty Heights »

Glamatel is the city's largest media conglomerate and home to the popular media channel Glamatel One.

Novosapio »

Technology and science center - Novosapio's researcher's are constantly advancing the state of knowledge.

The Glitterclit »

The Glitterclit is the neon fueled gambling strip that runs along the eastern shores of Junx City.