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Shitty City | Superburbia | Glamatopio
Shifty Fifty Heights | Novosapio | The Glitterclit

Shifty Fifty Heights Young Urban Money

Technology and science center - Novosapio's researcher's are constantly advancing the state of knowledge.

Glamatel One :: Crap on Demand

You Wont get past the Secretary

Owned by the enigmatic Medio Ganda but fronted by competitive showoff Rev Kin, Glamtel is an advertising powerhouse.

Glamtel Towers

Medio Ganda's Home is a triad of towering buildings that overshadow most of Junx City's skyline. They contniually broacast GLAMTEL ONE, the planet's most popular media channel.

The Feed

You'll Believe what We Tell You

All information is piped through the Feed, Planetcide's Pluripotent Tekabit communications pipeline. jack into the feed




Communication Network

geogineer power plant

Novosapio is at the heart of Junx City's, and the planets; communications network.