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Shitty City | Superburbia | Glamatopio
Shifty Fifty Heights | Novosapio | The Glitterclit

The Glitterclit Gambling & Sexertainment

The Glitterclit is the neon fueled gambling strip that runs along the eastern shores of Junx City.

Night Cittio's Casino Club

Gamble the night away and take in a show at Night Cittio's famous gambling den


The transmission towers of Glamatel are always visible in the distance. The watch over the frenzied comings and going of the Glitterclits gambling addicts.

Jilly Bling's

The most in demand escort in Glamatopio, a dazzling singing star performer, and Junx city's juciest, guilty pleasure.

Gamble the Night Away

The seaside strip light up at ight for a beautiful view.