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Shitty City | Superburbia | Glamatopio
Condogogo | Hover Park | Crestmount

Superburbia Residential District

nimian garden waterfall woods

The Petrified Gentrified

The emerald, open hills of Superburbia are home to Planetcide's do-gooder, yuppie crowd. But behind the slick lawns and peer-pressured faces lies some of Junx City's most perverse people. Keeping it clean is one of the triumphs of superburbia. Unfortunately that peaceful equilibrium and material wealth comes at the expense of the less fortunate districts.

Superburbia Neighborhoods

Condogogo »

The slums of suburbia. Condogogo packs them in, literally, into mile-high rises - Cheap rents and smelly carpets included.

Hover Park »

Car required. Once sprawling farmland, now home to the gentrified, petrified middle class and the city's largest mall

Crestmount »

Those granted access to its twisty, rising hillside streets and manors have an enormous bank account, or friends in high places.