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Shitty City | Superburbia | Glamatopio
Condogogo | Hover Park | Crestmount

Crestmount Old Money

Old Money. Period. No one else is allowed in. Those granted access to its twisty, rising hillside streets and manors have an enormous bank account, or friends in high places.

The Planetarium

Far from the glaring city lights in the outskirts of Superburbia, Fiskee scans the heavens for signs of intelligent life to exploit.

The Little Peephole

At the foot of the hill is a little ol pub where the unwashed lap it up at the feet of the High 'n Mighty. Anyone's welcome here but just don't wander to far out the back. Set even one foot up that hill and the gates will snap shut so fast that more than one drunk's been known to lose a finger or two.

Western World Falls

These pristine falls are purified at the summit of Crestmount hill before flowing down towards the streets of Condogogo and Hover Park. So fresh you can drink from it, it is about the only body of water in the city that can make this claim.



Recycling Center

ecoburbia recycling

Ecoburbia runs night and day when it can. Trouble is it takes energy to run the place, so there's always a fine line to walk between recycling everything and conserving resources from the beginning.