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Shitty City | Superburbia | Glamatopio
Condogogo | Hover Park | Crestmount
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Condogogo Suburban Slums

Home of philosophers and activists Condogogo packs them in, literally, into mile-high rises. The cheap rents and smelly carpets make the perfect low cost hideouts for those who want to change the system.

School of Slum Ganda

Condogogo is home to Slum Ganda, an infamous street philosopher whose laid back charm and go your own pace musings have attracted a sellout crowd. Interestinglym, SLum's brother, Medio Ganda, runs Junx City's largest media conglomerate Glamatel.. The family resemblance has never been less striking.


THE FEED is Junx City's state aproved media pipe, and Feedjackers are determined to hack it at all costs. Feedjackers question and subvert the message stuffed down citizens mouths via the feed, but they have a knack of failing to look in their own backyards.

The Cornstalks

The mile-high condo's are nicknamed the Cornstalks as they stand in row after row, covering every square inch and street of Condogogo. The rent's cheap and the view is spectacular, when you're not sytaring smack dab into someone elses window.

The Smutty Puppy Bar

Every ultra-clean corner of the earth needs a bit of dirt, and the Smutty Puppy is it for the residents of superburbia. The only place they can get their vice's out in the open, rather than keeping them close to home. Smutty's passes itself as a bar n grill with extras on the side, and the local High n Mighty are always hollering for its closure.