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Rubica Academia & Theatre

Its twisted alleys and iron grilled gates open into obscure courtyards that house universities, museums, libraries and theatres. Rubica is a fantastic source for some of the planet's greatest scientific discoveries. The only problem is the overheated intellectuals who let it go to their heads... King-sized egos and constant scientific discoveries are at the heart of Planetcide's oldest district.

Rubica University

The oldest and largest University in Junx City.Affectionately known as Rubica U, it is a collection of knowledge encompassing all of Junx city and the inner workings of the Yanta empire.

Jizzel Drip Hall

Junx City's oldest Fraternity and a hot bed for student antics. The booze flows and the grades drop during your first year at the Jizzel Drip.

Karnal Canal

Where the kids go an, you know, like kiss 'n shit. Actually they're up to a whole lot more and its not just the students. The deep crevases and shadow spots of Karnal canal make it ideal for clandestine encounters.

Rubica Zoo

Octipoids? Yantapids? Scrappers? Automobos? Forget studying and take our cheat sheet outlining the major species of the planet

Gallery Alley

Art for sale - starving students peddle their creativity along the art studded street known as Gallery Alley. It seems someone is always celebrating something in Gallery Alley, with more festivals per capita than any other district in Junx City.


Freek Clinic

An enormous health center that services most of the city. At one point the Freek CLinic was the only superhospital in the area. After a vicious infection broadsided the hospital making it inaccessible for most, medical services were spread throughout the cit. Still the members of the Freek Clinic board hold sway among most medical decisions in Junx City.